As we go through our every day life there are certain postures and habits that become routine for us. Frequently, our joints become restricted due to those everyday stresses. Chiropractic joint manipulation- an adjustment- helps to release restricted joints of the spine and extremities. An adjustment will not only help restore motion to your joints but will also help ease your discomfort and allow the muscles around the restricted area to relax.


Pregnancy and Pediatrics

Dr. Erica is a Regional Director for BirthFit Wisconsin and strives to empower women during pregnancy by helping them remain active. Studies have shown women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy experience less pain and shorter labor times. Due to many birth scenarios, chiropractic care is just as important for mom and baby after delivery. Dr. Erica can help with various musculoskeletal issues that may develop including pelvic floor instability, diastasis recti and core instability for mom and improper motor patterns or troubles latching for baby. She has experience as a doula with both hospital and home births and is happy to offer postpartum home visits both as a doula and chiropractor!

We’re great chiropractors but it doesn’t end there. Our office treats YOU—and that can mean a host of different options. We specialize in movement rehabilitation and practice Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), soft tissue treatments, the McKenzie Method, and more to being well.

The best treatment for one person might look totally different for someone else, and we’re here to help you feel your best so you can do your best.